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Rakeback is money deposited into your poker account to reward you for being loyal to a particular poker site, and the best rakeback deals can mean the difference between being a losing and a winning player. Since it represents so much money to poker rooms, rakeback is also a fairly well-kept secret, so here's a quick run-down for those of you not yet in the know.

When playing poker, we're playing against other people rather than against the house, but you can nonetheless be sure the house is going to get in on the action and find a way to take a share of all the cash changing hands. In tournaments there is simply a fee paid to the poker room upon entry, and in cash games every hand which sees a flop has a percentage of the pot "raked" away from the players by the dealer, the amount usually ranging between five and ten percent. Obviously when playing online this is done automatically, but nevertheless the term "rake" stuck, and today means any money taken from players by a poker room, be it from tournament fees or straight out of cash game pots.

There's a lot of competition between sites in the online poker world, and so many sites have taken to giving some of the rake they take back to their users, in an effort to attract and keep a loyal base of players. Some sites have set up VIP Rewards systems, where points are awarded for playing hands, and these systems are explained in more detail at the bottom of the page. The most popular method, however, is called rakeback and involves simply paying back to players a percentage of the rake taken from them, so it's as if we paid less rake in the first place. If you think about ten percent of every pot you've ever won or lost, that's going to be a very large sum of money so we're not kidding around when we say the best rakeback deals can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Below are some of the best rakeback deals you will find on the net. They come with exclusive bonuses offered only by FlopTurnRiver and all are paid directly into your poker account automatically. If you have any experience with the rakeback deals below, please feel free to write a review of your own!

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Rakeback Network US
1 Win Cake Win Cake

4 Reviews
36% Revolution Gaming
Cake Poker offers 33% rakeback that is directly deposited back into your poker account. The deposits are made every week on Wednesdays with no grace period, so any rakeback accumulated on a Wednesday will be deposited in seven days and anything accumulated on a Tuesday will be deposited the next day. Bonuses, including their 110% up to $600 deposit bonus, are not deducted from rakeback.
2 Juicy Stakes Juicy Stakes

3 Reviews
36% Revolution Gaming
3 Intertops Poker Intertops Poker

3 Reviews
33% Revolution Gaming
Intertops Poker is part of the Cake Poker Network, so they also offer 33% rakeback that is directly deposited back into your poker account. The deposits are made in $10 increments every day. For example, if you accumulated $44.50 of rakeback on a given day, you will receive $40 on the following day and will start that day with $4.50 already accumulated to go toward future payments. Bonuses, including their 110% up to $600 deposit bonus, are not deducted from rakeback.
4 True Poker True Poker

3 Reviews
27% The Winning Poker
True Poker offers 27% rakeback that is deposited directly into your poker account. The rakeback is rewarded every single day. Bonuses are deducted, but their 100% deposit bonus of up to $1,000 generally nets more than the rakeback, so taking the bonus is still recommended. True Poker uses the "contributed" model for attributing rake. This means that only players who contributed money to the pot will get credit for paying rake, and they will be credited in direct proportion to how much they put into the pot.
5 Broadway Tables Broadway Tables

1 Review
36% Revolution Gaming
Broadway Tables is a different type of poker site. While giving the same standard games, they also offer a few benefits for certain types of people such as college students. For these students, they'll benefit from 33% weekly rakeback as well as other nice offers. Broadway Tables also shows their giving side by offering Charity Tournaments. Their charity events have been running for years now and have been a great way to raise extra money for those in need.
6 Devilfish Poker Devilfish Poker

2 Reviews
30% Entraction Poker
Devilfish Poker offers two options at the time of signing up. For high-volume players who plan on playing almost exclusively on one site, opting into the VIP rewards program might be the best option, as it offers rewards equivalent to up to 45% rakeback. This is similar to the system popularized by PokerStars with different tiers of rewards for frequent play. They also offer the traditional flat-rate rakeback of 30% that is updated daily. The 200% deposit bonus of up to 1,000 is not deducted from either of these options.
7 Poker Heaven Poker Heaven

1 Review
30% Boss Media - International Poker
Poker Heaven is constantly working on creating the best possible atmosphere for its users. Recently they added synchronized breaks for when players are playing multiple tournaments, allowing these players to truly be on a break. How awesome would it be to appear on TV? With Poker Heaven, players now have that chance in one of their promotions called "Poker Heaven TV Cash Table".

Check out a complete list of our Online Poker Rooms and poker bonuses!

Ignoring for a moment VIP Reward systems which are explained further below, there are two different ways in which rakeback is offered.

The most common method is essentially third party rakeback. You sign up via a third party site, and when you play poker the poker room gives a percentage of your rake to this site, they skim some off the top and then deposit it back into your poker account. Using a third party site like this has a number of obvious downsides to it, such as the lengthy delays involved in getting your rakeback and the ever-present risk of the third party site going under and disappearing, leaving you with no continued way to receive your money.

The alternative to this system is known as automatic rakeback. Where this method is offered, the poker site itself simply tops up your account with a percentage of the rake you paid, and you don't need to worry about your hard-earned rakeback getting to you only via a third party. This is much more efficient for everybody involved and is completely risk-free, as you're not relying on an unregulated third party to deliver your funds, but rather are getting them straight from the poker room itself which has a reputation to uphold. At this point it should come as no surprise to you that FlopTurnRiver feels the best rakeback deals use this automatic system, and so we have searched around and found the best sites offering automatic rakeback, which you will find on this page.

Why FlopTurnRiver?

FlopTurnRiver offers you the best rakeback deals you'll find anywhere. You've already heard why automatic systems are the best way of setting up rakeback, and you know that all of our rakeback sites are automatic, which means you can enjoy the efficiency and safety of dealing directly with your favorite poker site. This also means that we're able to offer you the best rakeback rates, so you can be sure you're getting the maximum amount of your hard-earned cash right back where it belongs: in your poker account.

Most rakeback providers out there are solely third party rakeback sites, and offer you nothing but a cut of what they get paid by poker rooms. FlopTurnRiver is different, however, as we have much more to offer in addition to the best rakeback deals. When you sign up to our rakeback sites through our links you will be entitled to exclusive welcome bonuses, often much larger than the normal bonuses available. We also host monthly restricted freerolls and money-added tournaments on some of our poker sites, so the ways to boost your bankroll are many and varied.

As mentioned above, some poker sites don't offer rakeback but instead reward their loyal players via VIP Clubs. These sites give out frequent player points for every dollar in rake paid, and these points can then be used to buy items from the site's VIP store, or converted to cash bonuses. While a slightly more complicated system, this can still be a really great way to get some of your rake back with sites such as PokerStars offering VIP bonuses that allow you to earn as high as 60% of your money back, more than even the best rakeback deals out there. Click here to read more about PokerStars Rakeback.

You must be aware that these systems are set up to offer the highest rewards to players who play high stakes and high volume, thereby generating the most rake. This means that if you're a really serious grinder then VIP Clubs may be the right choice for you, but if you are a recreational player who only has time to play occasionally, then a fixed-rate rakeback deal is almost certainly a better option as you won't be able to earn enough frequent player points to access the best value rewards.

Check out more information about the best rakeback deals and VIP Reward systems in the table below:

Click To Join! Poker Room Rakeback
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Overall Rating
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PokerStars Rakeback

83 Reviews
Ladbrokes Rakeback

5 Reviews
PartyPoker Rakeback

28 Reviews
Bodog Rakeback

34 Reviews
Titanpoker Rakeback Alternative

6 Reviews
BwinPoker Rakeback

6 Reviews
Everest Rakeback

11 Reviews
SunPoker Rakeback Alternative

10 Reviews
VCPoker Rakeback

13 Reviews
CarbonPoker Rakeback

12 Reviews
NoblePoker Rakeback Alternative

5 Reviews
TruePoker Rakeback

3 Reviews
MansionPoker Rakeback Alternative

10 Reviews
VirginPoker Rakeback

3 Reviews
RedKings Rakeback

9 Reviews
BroadwayTables Rakeback

1 Review
DevilfishPoker Rakeback

2 Reviews
PaddyPowerPoker Rakeback Alternative

3 Reviews
PokerHeaven Rakeback

1 Review
LockPoker Rakeback

2 Reviews

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